Happy Mother´s Day, welcome to mamalooks!

A very happy Mother´s Day to all mamas out there, I hope you all have been spoilt with sweet gifts and extra kisses today.

And welcome to mamalooks, a new site for fashion-loving (future) mothers, where I will try to help you navigate these exciting months in style,  whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Most of this site will be about fashion, trends, and shopping for maternity and nursing clothes. I will also post about the most fun and cute baby/kid apparel out there.

I decided to start this small corner of the internet after seeing that during pregnancy and nursing period it became harder to keep up with fashion trends and buy inspiring clothes, not just the plain and practical clothes you are supposed to wear when expecting, breastfeeding and/or taking care of a baby.

Apart from the central style subject, I would love to share with you (and most importantly, hear from you) about everything and anything in a life of the busy modern woman from pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, to motherhood and parenting, domestic/career issues, arts, crafts, books, films, decor, etc.

So, how was your Mother´s Day ? Did you get a pretty present? Maybe it was breakfast in bed? Or chances are you celebrated it last week, as there is no international consensus on when to celebrate us the life-givers. I wnat to hear all about it!

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