Breastfeeding-friendly tops and dresses, a short guide

We covered what goes underneath in the previous post. Now let´s see what you can wear on top when you are nursing.


Basically there are 3 kinds of tops that are suitable for nursing:

  • Buttoned: now that shirts and blouses are so on trend, there is plenty to choose from. Just unbutton, and pop them out!
  • You can lift up a loose top for breastfeeding. It´s more discreet than the button-down approach, you only need a top that it is not too fitted to the body or waist.
  • Ample sleeves: yeah, you can nurse your little one from the sleeve! Batwing style sleeves are your friends.

Another thing to note is the fabric of the garment. Babies prefer soft, cozy textures,  so no leather, metallic or sparkly clothing for now.


This is where it gets tricky. There is a limited number of dresses you can wear if you are nursing fairly frequently. In fact, I think I haven´t been able to wear about 80% of the dresses in my closet for the last few months. Good news: there are shirt dresses everywhere now, so it´s propably easier than ever to find a trendy nursing-friendly dress. Also, you can pull down the strips of a tank style dress. It is a bit more revealing but a pretty scarf can help you keep your modesty if you are on the prudish side.

I hope you like this selection of mama-loving frocks from the world wide web:

Breastfeeding-friendly dresses

So tell me, what do you think of the advice above? Have you bought any pretty mama-friendly top or dress lately?
(First picture source: Imaxtree)

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