A fox, really?

A couple of days ago we confirmed what we lately suspected: our son is color blind. Actually it should be called Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), as he knows most of the colours all right, only that anything green seems to be orange for him. This comes as no surprise, as we knew that being my son he would have a 50% chance to be affected, as my father has CVD too.  Males suffer it and females carry it for the next generation (see this for more info).

I found this image below very useful to test pre-school kids, as it displays animals instead of numbers, which are the usual test cards. Briefly explained, a color blind person sees a cow where you see a deer, has no clue there is a bear there, and can clearly perceive a fox in the middle left (more information here).

And how did I feel when he pointed at the screen saying “cow” and “fox”? A little sad, because even if this is a minor affliction, life will be a tiny bit harder for him, and at the same time full of unconditional love and determination to do everything in my hand to make sure this doesn’t affect his confidence and (later on) ambition.


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