First trimester pregnancy survival guide: Health, Beauty and Fashion

Oh, the irony, I am already on the second trimester of my second pregnancy and the blog (about maternity and breastfeeding friendly fashion) is dead. The thing is, I have some business projects I am working on, and this blog takes my spare time, which has been pretty much non existent in the last few months.

One of the reasons, apart from work, is that I have been sooo tired during the first trimester that doing the usual daily activities was more than enough for me. And during the second trimester I have been feeling “more normal” but I get incredibly sleepy by 22:00, which is the time I use to write posts for the blog.

I have been investing heavily in good nights sleep because I know how precious rest is when you have a new baby. In fact, I didn’t have a full night sleep in 3 years with my first. Mothers of high need babies know what I am talking about.

I have put together a little guide for surviving the first trimester, simple things that worked for me, enjoy!

First trimester survival guide

1.- Ginger in all forms: tea, cookies, pills… whatever works for you and your morning sickness!

2.- Rest! Invest in sleeping as much as you can, your body is demanding it (I know mine was). Also, exercise is not always safe in the first trimester (check your doctor) so I stopped my Ashtanga Yoga and hypopressive exercise sessions altogether, and I started doing gentle pregnancy yoga after the 14 weeks scan. (Cute sleep mask by Wildfox)

3.- Coconut oil and natural cosmetics: this time I am going for no parabens, all natural stuff for my skin, so I started using coconut oil mixed with pure aloe vera gel during the first few months.

4.- Hairband trick: no need to start shopping for new jeans, yet. Check for instructions here.

5.- Wireless bra: If you are like me, your nipples and boobs will be sore and tender. Get some soft fabric wireless bra for some stylish comfort. Find lots here.


nursing tip for cold winter nights

This great tip is taken from Elizabeth Pantley’s The No-Cry Sleep Solution book, and it’s so useful when you have to nurse your child several times on cold winter nights. The book didn’t work for my son to sleep through the night, but it is an interesting read, specially if you are craving some uninterrupted rest and don’t want to go through the sleep-training route. It might work for you, you never know!

nursing tip for cold winter nights
one Uniqlo Cotton turtle neck t-shirt / two Isabella Oliver nursing cami / three Bella Materna Anytime nursing cami / four Target nursing cami

Mamalooks guide for a stylish pregnancy: 1st trimester

Welcome to the first installment of the mamalooks guide for a stylish pregnancy, full of tips and tricks to stay pretty and comfortable through the bumpy months of gestation.

The first trimester can vary enormously depending on the woman, and even for the same woman, as each pregnancy is very different. If it’s the first baby, you might not show any growing belly until the end of the first 3 months, whereas in the subsequent pregnancies the belly usually sticks out much earlier. Of course, all this is can vary for each woman. Morning sickness plays a big part on this level too: some women feel so sick they hardy eat for weeks, hence they lose weight in the first trimester; other eat normally (even ravenously) and start gaining weight.

So all this means that the sartorial needs of the newly pregnant ladies can be quite diverse. This little guide is mainly based on what I found useful, so if you feel like sharing what works/worked for you please feel free!

  1. Wireless bras: breasts can start feeling tender (even sore and painful), it’s one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. And they start growing too. A lot. It’s generally advised to wear wireless bras in pregnancy, to better accommodate the natural changes of the boobs.
  2. Elastic band trick: it’s the oldest trick on a mam´s book, a great way to extend the life of your jeans/pants. When you can no longer do the button of your trousers, use a rubber band looping through the button-hole. This blog illustrates it beautifully.
  3. Go a size bigger: if you are like the 99% of the pregnant women, you will put some (normal and healthy) weight through pregnancy, and it will take some time until you lose it. Some do it effortlessly in 20 days, it takes 20 weeks for others and for many it can go longer than 20 months until their skinny jeans fit again. Of course all these times variations are nice and good following a healthy diet and moderate exercise (tips for wholesome bites here). All this to say that it can be worth getting a pair of jeans/pants in a bigger size early in pregnancy, so you have something you really like you can wear until the last pounds drop off.
  4. Stretch mark prevention: it’s crucial to start moisturizing your skin as soon as this begins to stretch, at the very beginning of the pregnancy. Consistency is key: I used Bio Oil every morning and night, and was lucky enough to avoid any new stretch marks. I am not a believer in magical cosmetics, but keeping the skin hydrated (specially belly, waist and breast areas) is the only way to minimize any undesired effects on the skin.

Mamalooks guide: 1st trimester

wireless bras
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pretty –> Monki Selma Bra / Monki Mella Bra
sexy –> Cosabella Thea Wireless Bra / Victoria’s Secret Lace Bralette
Stretchmark prevention

Mama bites! 4 steps for healthy snacking

It´s a known fact: pregnant women get hungry, often. It is less known that some nursing mamas feel like they could it a horse in the first weeks or months of breastfeeding (in my case used to thirst).

With this simple snacking plan you will make sure that you don´t go straight after the pizza leftovers whenever you feel your stomach grumbling, and more importantly, that your baby’s nutritional needs will be easily fulfilled as well as yours, at least for the next hour!

So every time you want to eat a bite or two, follow these simple steps:

Start by drinking a glass of water. If it´s winter and you prefer something warm, you can have a cup of herbal tea (caffeine free) instead.

Have a piece of fruit (not juice) or a vegetable portion, like carrot or celery sticks. Best if seasonal and organic, but any fresh fruit or vegetable will do.

Here you have to make sure what you eat is really healthy, so keep the usual baddies to a minimum: white sugar, refined cereals, saturated fats, too much salt, additives…  Foods with a low glycemic index will make you feel full and strong for longer.

Some suggestions:

  • Low-fat yogurt (you can add fruits, nuts, seeds, honey…)
  • A glass of skimmed milk or veggie drink like soya, rice, oatmeal or almond milk. Delicious with Weetabix and honey.
  • Cereal bar
  • Rice or corn cakes
  • Popcorn (best with a sprinkle of sea salt)
  • Veggie sushi (raw fish is not recommended during pregnancy)
  • Wholemeal bread sandwich. Fillings suggestions: tuna and cucumber,  turkey, humus, avocado…

If by now you are full, leave step 4 for another time. Believe me, you will be rooting for a bite again.

If you are still hungry, now is the time to go for the brownies. You already have had some water, fruit and a healthy snack, so you will not feel as hungry as in the beginning. Enjoy!!

There is more: you can make sure your guilty snack is a bit more wholesome by switching to healthier and equally tasty alternative:

  • Cookies, biscuits –> wholemeal, brown sugar biscuits; oatmeal cakes
  • Mayonnaise –> light mayo, and better still, humus or guacamole
  • French fries –> oven baked potatoes
  • Brownies –> homemade wholemeal carrot cake, with olive oil instead of butter, yogurt instead of cream
  • Milkshake –> yogurt smoothie
  • Bacon, sausages, burger –> veggie sausages, veggie burger
  • Butter –> olive oil, tahini

Final tips:

A good diet begins when you are food shopping, so always make a list (and stick to it) and don´t go to the supermarket with an empty stomach.

Take some water. a piece of fruit and a healthy snack (steps 1,2 and 3, basically) when you are on the go or at work, so when temptation burns you are always ready.


What do think about this little snacking plan? Would you follow it? To harsh, too indulging or just right in your view?