8 mama-friendly dresses from Urban Outfitters

Urban Oufitters isn´t probably the first place that pops up in your mind when looking for mama-wear, but with a little patience and luck, you can find quirky and super trendy dresses such as these:

8 mama-friendly dresses from Urban Outfitters

maternity-friendly–> Silence & Noise maxi dress / Lovers & Friends Polka Dot Dress / Cameo long maxi dress / Cooperative trapeze dress
nursing-friendly–> Ecote Vagabond Shirtdress / Sparkle & Fade Chambray Shirtdress / BDG Silky Utility Shirtdress / Coincidence & Chance Chiffon Polka Dot Dress

Mama bites! 4 steps for healthy snacking

It´s a known fact: pregnant women get hungry, often. It is less known that some nursing mamas feel like they could it a horse in the first weeks or months of breastfeeding (in my case used to thirst).

With this simple snacking plan you will make sure that you don´t go straight after the pizza leftovers whenever you feel your stomach grumbling, and more importantly, that your baby’s nutritional needs will be easily fulfilled as well as yours, at least for the next hour!

So every time you want to eat a bite or two, follow these simple steps:

Start by drinking a glass of water. If it´s winter and you prefer something warm, you can have a cup of herbal tea (caffeine free) instead.

Have a piece of fruit (not juice) or a vegetable portion, like carrot or celery sticks. Best if seasonal and organic, but any fresh fruit or vegetable will do.

Here you have to make sure what you eat is really healthy, so keep the usual baddies to a minimum: white sugar, refined cereals, saturated fats, too much salt, additives…  Foods with a low glycemic index will make you feel full and strong for longer.

Some suggestions:

  • Low-fat yogurt (you can add fruits, nuts, seeds, honey…)
  • A glass of skimmed milk or veggie drink like soya, rice, oatmeal or almond milk. Delicious with Weetabix and honey.
  • Cereal bar
  • Rice or corn cakes
  • Popcorn (best with a sprinkle of sea salt)
  • Veggie sushi (raw fish is not recommended during pregnancy)
  • Wholemeal bread sandwich. Fillings suggestions: tuna and cucumber,  turkey, humus, avocado…

If by now you are full, leave step 4 for another time. Believe me, you will be rooting for a bite again.

If you are still hungry, now is the time to go for the brownies. You already have had some water, fruit and a healthy snack, so you will not feel as hungry as in the beginning. Enjoy!!

There is more: you can make sure your guilty snack is a bit more wholesome by switching to healthier and equally tasty alternative:

  • Cookies, biscuits –> wholemeal, brown sugar biscuits; oatmeal cakes
  • Mayonnaise –> light mayo, and better still, humus or guacamole
  • French fries –> oven baked potatoes
  • Brownies –> homemade wholemeal carrot cake, with olive oil instead of butter, yogurt instead of cream
  • Milkshake –> yogurt smoothie
  • Bacon, sausages, burger –> veggie sausages, veggie burger
  • Butter –> olive oil, tahini

Final tips:

A good diet begins when you are food shopping, so always make a list (and stick to it) and don´t go to the supermarket with an empty stomach.

Take some water. a piece of fruit and a healthy snack (steps 1,2 and 3, basically) when you are on the go or at work, so when temptation burns you are always ready.


What do think about this little snacking plan? Would you follow it? To harsh, too indulging or just right in your view? 

Monki business! 8 mama-friendly dresses

I have recently discovered Monki, a Scandinavian brand with lots of cool mama-friendly (and otherwise) dresses and tops. Their clothes are relaxed, playful, unique… and affordable, it´s just  too good to miss!

Here is my selection of 4 maternity-friendly and 4 breastfeeding-friendly dresses:

Monki business

for the future mama –> Marianne dress / Lindie dress / Louise dress / Mary dress
for the nursing mama –> Christine dress / Ammy dress / Sussi dress  / Christine dress
(first photo –> Ellinor dress)
How did you liked that? Did you already know about this store?
(On a side note, they only seem to ship to Europe at the moment)

6 basic, pretty and sexy maternity bras

It´s time for a new round-up of maternity bras, an essential item for any breastfeeding mama. Hope you like the selection:

Basic, pretty and sexy maternity bras

basic –> Miriam Stoppard Pack of two black and white nursing bras / H&M Mama maternity bra
pretty –> Topshop Maternity Pastel Lace Bra / Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternity Cloud Swing Nursing Bra
sexy! –> Isabella Oliver Amoralia Nougatine Maternity Bra/ Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternity Nursing Bra Fly Butterfly
More nursing bras and breastfeeding tips and tricks here.

Pretty Prints – 6 quirky nursing-friendly dresses

I find that getting hold of pretty, affordable AND nursing-friendly dresses is not always easy. So mamalooks has done the hard work for you and here I present you with half a dozen of quirky and fun print dresses.

Print dresses, nursing-friendly

Sugarhill Boutique Shirt Dress in Ice Cream Print / Oasis Birdcage Sundress / Sugarhill Boutique Dress in Seashell Print

Dorothy Perkins Petite cat print shirt dress / ASOS Summer Dress in Fruit Print / Oasis Harlequin Print Dress

Which one is your favorite? Do you already have a fun printed dress in your closet? I have a red horse print dress from H&M I use all the time. Let me hear about you!

Minted gold

If there was ever a colour combination made in style heaven that must be mint & gold.  Mint green is such a flattering tone, easy to wear to the office, playground or dinner. I prefer everything metallic in a small dose, and that´s where gold accessories come in hand.

Minted gold
Top and dresses:
1 Hoss Intropia green tunic dress (maternity-friendly)/ 3  ASOS Maternity Embellished Dress / 6 Calypso St Barth button shirt (maternity and breastfeeding-friendly) / 8 Sheer shirt dress (brestfeeding-friendly) /9 Rare London shirt dress(breastfeeding-friendly)

I also love mint with aubergine or mustard (I mean the colours, not the food!). What are your favorite colour combinations?

It´s a jungle out there (again)! Tropical prints, breastfeeding friendly

Following the previous tropical post, I decided to create 4 looks suitable for nursing mamas. You can also pick and mix the items to create your favorite outfit:

It´s a jungle out there (2)! Tropical prints, breastfeeding friendly

If you can’t get enough of tropical prints, ZARA, Warehouse and Oasis have some more stuff. Go bananas!

Which of the 4 outfits above is your favorite? Have you gotten anything with fruity prints for summer?

One mama-friendly dress, two ways to wear it

Motherhood often means multitasking (my son is nursing as I type this, no kidding), and this concept translates to our clothing as well. Take this simple black maxi dress for instance: it makes an easy choice for work paired with a smart blazer, but you can transform the look with a denim touch and some ethnic accessories. This particular dress is maternity and breastfeeding-friendly, so the possibilities are endless.

Have a fun weekend!One mama-friendly dress, two ways

Breastfeeding-friendly tops: 3 up, 3 down, full colour!

Hey there, how are you doing?

I want to share a quick post with a bunch of pretty, colorful tops that you can wear to feed your little angel (not so angelic sometimes, who are we kidding), an easy and not too pricey way to update your summer wardrobe.

Breastfeeding-friendly tops: 3 up, 3 down, full colour!

Which one is your favorite? C’mon tell me, don’t be shy!!