Cozy times! 8 mama friendly cardis

Newsflash! A cozy cardigan keeps you warm when it gets chilly like these autumn days. Who would have thought, hu? Well, in all its obviousness, I want to emphasize the goodness of this classic garmet: it’s super mama friendly, like these open versions that envelop the baby bump or give you easy access for nursing.

A graphic style is perfect when you want to add a quirky touch to your outfit, and the neutrals are a safe haven in the crazy daily caos. What’s your pick?

Cozy times! Mama friendly cardis

>> Geometric <<


– neutrals –

5 / H&M Knitted Cardigan / 6 Pull & Bear Openwork Jacket / 7 Calypso St. Barth Uma Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan / 8 Mango Waterfall Cardigan

(top image: I couldn’t source the image, the link from Pinterest wasn’t working when I edited the post. If you know the origin of the image drop me a line and I will be happy to credit it. )

Hopeless romatic, 6 breastfeeding and maternity friendly tops and dresses

I have always been drawn to the light, precious, lacy style, the kind that the Lisbon sisters would wear. I would normally add a “masculine” touch like black skinnies or a tailored blazer, but I also like the 100% dreamy, ultra feminine look.  May be a bit impractical for everyday activity but it can be a perfect style for a weekend outing with friends.

Free People White Summer Dress (maternity-friendly, it would make an amazing wedding dress in my opinion)

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Minted gold

If there was ever a colour combination made in style heaven that must be mint & gold.  Mint green is such a flattering tone, easy to wear to the office, playground or dinner. I prefer everything metallic in a small dose, and that´s where gold accessories come in hand.

Minted gold
Top and dresses:
1 Hoss Intropia green tunic dress (maternity-friendly)/ 3  ASOS Maternity Embellished Dress / 6 Calypso St Barth button shirt (maternity and breastfeeding-friendly) / 8 Sheer shirt dress (brestfeeding-friendly) /9 Rare London shirt dress(breastfeeding-friendly)

I also love mint with aubergine or mustard (I mean the colours, not the food!). What are your favorite colour combinations?