Instant success adventure book

When we borrowed “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” from the local library to have something new to read during the Easter holidays, we expected that our boy would like the book. What we didn’t know is that the first time we read the book, we would have to do it about 10 times straight.

So, if you have a child you loves family adventures and is fascinated by bears (or any animals for that matter), this is the book for you.

We're going on a bear hunt

Another cool book for the little ones – Picture my day

Hey there! Here I bring you another beautiful book we are enjoying at home ever since we bought it, it’s called Picture My Day by Severine Cordier and Cynthia Lacroix. It has the cutest illustrations of the daily life of a family, showing the daily routine at home, the outdoors, foods, the season… everything you can think of that conforms the world (and vocabulary) of a young child. I can´t recommend it enough.

Also writing this post I’ve just found out that the authors have another book called Picture My World. I am definitely checking it out.

More lovely books for kids here.

Books for animal loving kids

My boy loves animals, like most kids, I suppose. He loves seeing them, chasing them, petting them, riding them and the rest. So animal books are some of his favorite bedtime (or anytime) books. Here are some that I think are fun for the kids, and also with great illustrations for the parent who is reading them for the 17th time in a row.

Enjoying kids’ book

These are some of the books we have been enjoying in our cosy night-time readings of late, all full of beautiful illustration and great adventures:

Have you got any favorites for children’s books? What was your most loved book when you were a kid? I´d love to know!