First trimester pregnancy survival guide: Health, Beauty and Fashion

Oh, the irony, I am already on the second trimester of my second pregnancy and the blog (about maternity and breastfeeding friendly fashion) is dead. The thing is, I have some business projects I am working on, and this blog takes my spare time, which has been pretty much non existent in the last few months.

One of the reasons, apart from work, is that I have been sooo tired during the first trimester that doing the usual daily activities was more than enough for me. And during the second trimester I have been feeling “more normal” but I get incredibly sleepy by 22:00, which is the time I use to write posts for the blog.

I have been investing heavily in good nights sleep because I know how precious rest is when you have a new baby. In fact, I didn’t have a full night sleep in 3 years with my first. Mothers of high need babies know what I am talking about.

I have put together a little guide for surviving the first trimester, simple things that worked for me, enjoy!

First trimester survival guide

1.- Ginger in all forms: tea, cookies, pills… whatever works for you and your morning sickness!

2.- Rest! Invest in sleeping as much as you can, your body is demanding it (I know mine was). Also, exercise is not always safe in the first trimester (check your doctor) so I stopped my Ashtanga Yoga and hypopressive exercise sessions altogether, and I started doing gentle pregnancy yoga after the 14 weeks scan. (Cute sleep mask by Wildfox)

3.- Coconut oil and natural cosmetics: this time I am going for no parabens, all natural stuff for my skin, so I started using coconut oil mixed with pure aloe vera gel during the first few months.

4.- Hairband trick: no need to start shopping for new jeans, yet. Check for instructions here.

5.- Wireless bra: If you are like me, your nipples and boobs will be sore and tender. Get some soft fabric wireless bra for some stylish comfort. Find lots here.