Mama loves prints!

Finally a long overdue post about breastfeeding fashion. This time I put together some of my favorite (buttoned) print dresses for the nursing mamas out there.
Mama loves prints!
Top row:
Forever 21 print dress / Wallis shirt dress / Urban Outfitters print dress / ASOS china print dress / Sugarhill feather print dress
Bottom row:
Sugarhill kite print dress / Awear Mela dress / Urban Outfitters print dress / Sugarhill floral dress
And lots more of mama friendly fashion on Pinterest!

Pretty Prints – 6 quirky nursing-friendly dresses

I find that getting hold of pretty, affordable AND nursing-friendly dresses is not always easy. So mamalooks has done the hard work for you and here I present you with half a dozen of quirky and fun print dresses.

Print dresses, nursing-friendly

Sugarhill Boutique Shirt Dress in Ice Cream Print / Oasis Birdcage Sundress / Sugarhill Boutique Dress in Seashell Print

Dorothy Perkins Petite cat print shirt dress / ASOS Summer Dress in Fruit Print / Oasis Harlequin Print Dress

Which one is your favorite? Do you already have a fun printed dress in your closet? I have a red horse print dress from H&M I use all the time. Let me hear about you!