Rucksacks for the little ones too!

Yes, they need to carry a lot of important stuff too: the basketball, their favorite doll, crayons and paper, water bottle, some leaves picked up last week …

Here is some of the cutest rucksacks for the kids:

Beatrix New York Blue Whale Rucksack / Beatrix New York Orange Monkey Rucksack

Moulin Roty Mouse rucksack / Skip-Hop Zoo-Let Luggage Owl

They could be very handy for packing for holiday too, don’t you think?

Mama’s secret ingredients

I have a picky eater. If you have one at home, you know what I mean. He likes playing ball, watching cows and kissing  babies, but food is not a priority for him. No interest, zero.

He still eats pureed food as  a main meal, so I try to make these as nutritious as I can. How? I just add quinoa and seaweed (I use wakame and kombu) to the vegetables when cooking. They have plenty of vitamins, minerals and healthy protein.

Is making your kid interested in food a challenge for you too? Any great tips to share? I would be so grateful to hear them!

Enjoying kids’ book

These are some of the books we have been enjoying in our cosy night-time readings of late, all full of beautiful illustration and great adventures:

Have you got any favorites for children’s books? What was your most loved book when you were a kid? I´d love to know!