First trimester pregnancy survival guide: Health, Beauty and Fashion

Oh, the irony, I am already on the second trimester of my second pregnancy and the blog (about maternity and breastfeeding friendly fashion) is dead. The thing is, I have some business projects I am working on, and this blog takes my spare time, which has been pretty much non existent in the last few months.

One of the reasons, apart from work, is that I have been sooo tired during the first trimester that doing the usual daily activities was more than enough for me. And during the second trimester I have been feeling “more normal” but I get incredibly sleepy by 22:00, which is the time I use to write posts for the blog.

I have been investing heavily in good nights sleep because I know how precious rest is when you have a new baby. In fact, I didn’t have a full night sleep in 3 years with my first. Mothers of high need babies know what I am talking about.

I have put together a little guide for surviving the first trimester, simple things that worked for me, enjoy!

First trimester survival guide

1.- Ginger in all forms: tea, cookies, pills… whatever works for you and your morning sickness!

2.- Rest! Invest in sleeping as much as you can, your body is demanding it (I know mine was). Also, exercise is not always safe in the first trimester (check your doctor) so I stopped my Ashtanga Yoga and hypopressive exercise sessions altogether, and I started doing gentle pregnancy yoga after the 14 weeks scan. (Cute sleep mask by Wildfox)

3.- Coconut oil and natural cosmetics: this time I am going for no parabens, all natural stuff for my skin, so I started using coconut oil mixed with pure aloe vera gel during the first few months.

4.- Hairband trick: no need to start shopping for new jeans, yet. Check for instructions here.

5.- Wireless bra: If you are like me, your nipples and boobs will be sore and tender. Get some soft fabric wireless bra for some stylish comfort. Find lots here.


New Warby Parker Corner Collection

Warby Parker Corner Womens

I have been contacted by the people at Warby Parker to help them spread the word about their new Corner Collection of glasses and sunglasses. Of course I have heard of this brand before as the one worn by all the cool kids in NYC (and beyond), and knew about their great social program: for every pair sold, they donate another one through a non-profit organization. Cool and socially responsible? That’s the kind of brand I love and support!

So, back to the new Corner Collection! The new 5 frames are inspired by traditional shapes (keyhole, cat eye) and colors (horn, steel) with a twist of sharp edges and innovative hues (rhubarb!).

Here is my favorite frames, instant modern classics!

Goodney Sunglasses in Rhubarb

Goodney Sunglasses in Rhubarb


Warby Parker Topper Olive

Topper glasses in Striped Olive


Warby Parker Teddy Tortoise

Teddy sunglasses in Petal Tortoise


Nursing plaid and simple: 10 grunge shirts from Urban Outfitters

I was a teenager during the 90s, so I think grunge has never left me, style wise. Angela Chase from My So Called Life was my first style icon, so go figure.

We are having a little grunge revival of sorts lately, so I thought it would be fun to adapt this trend for nursing ladies. Urban Outfitters has a wide choice of cool, oversized plaid shirts, roomy enough for the first months of pregnancy and super ideal for those first weeks of constant breastfeeding and mind-numbing sleeplessness. When you find yourself feeling mumsy, grab a comfy flannel shirt and get your edge back (kind of).

I know I’m showing my age here but,  what’s with the no-pants thing? Angela wouldn’t approve.


BDG Flannel Curved-Hem Shirt

BDG Flannel Shirt



BDG Waterfall Tunic



BDG Obie Flannel Shirt

BDG Obie Flannel Shirt


BDG Buffalo Check Tunic Top

BDG Buffalo Check Tunic


BDG Lumberjack Shirt

BDG Padded Lumberjack Shirt


Urban Renewal Overdyed Shirt

Urban Renewal Overdyed Shirt


Chiffon Plaid Blouse

Chiffon Plaid Blouse


Sleeveless Maxi Tunic

Sleeveless Maxi Tunic


BDG Waterfall Tunic in Neutral

BDG Waterfall Neutral


BDG Flannel Shirt in Blue

BDGObie FlannelBlue

Time to get cozy! 7 snug mama-friendly cardigans for fall and beyond

Time to get cozy!

It’s that time of the year again, when nights start getting chilly and early school mornings get fresh! Soft, open and neutral cardigans can get you warm and stylish in two seconds, and they are obviously maternity and nursing friendly too. Here are my fave cozy cardis for fall (top to bottom, left to right):

Mango Long Wool-blend Cardigan

Mango Long WoolBlend Cardigan

Monki Knitted Cardigan

Monki Knitted Cardigan

Mango Trim Cardigan

Mango Trim Cardigan

 Mango Violeta Chunky-knit Cardigan

Mango Violeta Cardigan

H&M Mohair Cardigan

H&M Mohair Cardigan

Monki Ofelia Cardigan

Monki Ofelia Cardigan

Weekday Hatch Knit Cardigan

Weekday Cardigan
(Pss, as always, check my Pinterest board for more updates and ideas for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies)

Pinspiration galore! 10 chic and inspiring maternity outfits

If you follow mamalooks on Pinterest you willl know that I regularly post lots of blogger and street style photos of super chic mama-to-bes. Here is a quick round up of some of the most inspiring outfits and the keys to make them your own.


Russian it-girl Miroslava Duma shows how it’s done: maxi dress with a belt topped with a boater hat (a fedora would look lovely too).


Team a body hugging dress with a loose jacket or cardi for a relaxed silhouette. (Could I have That)


Bring monochrome basics to life with striking accessories. (Marionberry Style)

 Go boho with an embroidered dress. (The Day Book Blog)


Over-the-bump midi-skirts can work this good. (House of Harper)


Mix stripes and florals: it works. (Chalk White Arrow)


Boyfriend jeans take the cool factor up a notch. (Belle de Couture)


Thought kaftans were mumsy? Think again! (The Hive Mag)


Maternity chinos can be worn for smart occasions, and also dressed down with a kooky striped top. (Source unknown)


Inspired? Any favorites? Follow me on Pinterest for a daily dose of maternity outfits and ideas!

My picks from the Hatch Fall/Winter 2014 collection

I am so loving the new Hatch collection for this fall. As you may know, Hatch clothes are designed to be worn before, during and after pregnancy, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated look. I only wish I could afford them (a bit too pricey for me I’m afraid)!

What about you? Would you invest in one of their pieces? Here are my favorites:

The Buttondown Dress

Hatch Buttondown Dress


The Rugby Henley

Hatch Rugby Henley


The Lily Dress

Hatch Lily Dress


The Jersey Drape Dress

Hatch Jersey Drape Dress


The Voyage Tunic

Hatch Voyage Tunic


The Sweep Dress

Hatch Sweep Dress

Kimono mamas! 10 gorgeous mama-friendly kimonos under 100$

I am so glad kimonos are on trend right now, because that means that there are lots of them to choose from, and some of them are actually beautiful AND affordable. They give you instant glamour, whether you are in the final swelling months of your pregnancy or exhausted with an absorbing baby.

Here is a selection of my 10 favourite mama-friendly kimonos around the internets (and don’t miss out other mama friendly fashion inspiration on Pinterest!):

1- Topshop Maternity Kimono

Topshop Maternity Kimono


2- Navy Tassel KimonoNavy Tassel Kimono

3- Free People Ikat Kimono


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The 6 best online shops for maternity fashion

In this blog I often try to help you find clothes that are mama friendly, that is, “normal” garments that are suitable for pregnant and/or nursing women who love fashion.

But sometimes it’s worth to get some proper maternity and nursing items (specially bras and bottoms) so I decided to make a round up of the best online stores for affordable maternity fashion. Here is the list, and my favourite picks from each one:


What’s more convenient when you are pregnant than shopping your maternity clothes while you stock up in everything else you need?

Target Maternity Dress

I am a sucker for stripes, this dress is fun but could also be worn with a blazer to work. Genius!



An international powerhouse, it’s the safe place to go for affordable fashion for the whole family.

Sweatpants are no longer for lazy girls, they are spot on trend for a cool and relaxed look. You won’t want to take them off.

Sweatpants are no longer for lazy girls, they are spot on trend for a cool and relaxed look. You won’t want to take them off.


New Look

New Look takes maternity fashion seriously, stocking a wide range of belly-friendly clothing from great basic sets to pretty dresses.


new look maternity

What a beautiful print! This cotton dress is bang on the boho look for this spring/summer


Apart from their Maternity collections, they stock other well known maternity brands like Mama.licious, Isabella Oliver or Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Having a comfortable pair of jeans is essential for any gal, and this pair will give you the sartorial edge every time.


Always at the forefront of trends, TOPSHOP Maternity is the perfect range for mamas who won’t let a bump get in the way to be the coolest girl in the room.

For a conservative girl, it looks like something you would wear to sleep; for the sartorially savvy, it’s effortless cool.



With a huge range of jersey tops and dresses, you can’t go wrong with GAP’s comfortable yet stylish pieces.

Striped maxi dresses, fresh and cool (wear a waist band underneath for support if needed)



What do you think of this list, did I miss any shop you like? Where do/did you shop for your maternity wardrobe?